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Named after the three Yorkshire Dales mountains, the brewery is dedicated to using aged old traditions while using only premium quality ingredients. British Maris Otter malt is the staple behind all our beers. We produce only small batches which enables us to keep the quality of the beers at the highest possible level.

Our Core Peaks range are easy drinking session ales while our Special Peaks range enables us to flex our creating muscles and produce beers that push the boundaries of taste. All our beers are now vegan.

Our passion is brewing, our passion is the outdoors and our passion is delivering you the best beers around.


All you need to do is choose which Peak you're going to conquer

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The brewery began it's life in the bustling Yorkshire Dales market town of Settle in 2006 by husband and wife team Colin and Susan Ashwell. As the beers gained popularity locally, the original 1 ¼ barrel plant soon outgrew it's capacity and the brewery moved to new site and to a 5 barrel plant.


Fast forward to 2020 and Colin decided to retire and sell the brewery at the start of the Covid pandemic. The brewery was bought by another couple, beer fanatics Chris and Jennifer Holt and relocated it to a brand new and larger site. Colin however (to our delight) decided that you are a long time retired so is sticking around and will continue to brew with us while passing on his passion and vast knowledge of brewing.


The same philosophy remains; producing quality ales using premium ingredients to celebrate the great outdoors.



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